WILDE_CODE (2019) 
28 mins 

This one off performance was commissioned as part of Radiophrenia’s two week long radio broadcast, coming live from their studio at CCA Glasgow.


Delving deep into ambient soundscapes layered with the disembodied and non-gendered voice of a 'dystopian' singer, WILDE_CODE  was a  live vocal performance of my continuing interest in the ‘dark matter of pop’,  an approach used to uncover, collage and revel in the Hauntological gaps and detritus of culture, nature and beyond the Antropocene. Through sampling, automation, various analogue effects and archival lyrics/texts; this retreating musical guise presents as a (queer) Cosmic Pessimist voice in the non corporeal world of broadcasting. To quote dearest Muñoz: "Q __ rness is that  thing  that  lets  us  feel  that  this  world  is  not  enough, that indeed something is missing."


WILDE_CODE exudes sonic and lyrical components and samples that vary from Dusty Springfield, hospital waiting rooms, Oscar Wilde, post club dancefloors and UVB-76 military transmissions, while forming aural presence through  gobo spotlights, smoke machines and shadow.

(this is the only photo I have of the performance, it remains as a memory in airwaves)

Funded through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding with additional support from CCA Glasgow. With thanks to Barry and Mark.

Review of Radiophrenia 2019  on WERK.RE

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