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 an ongoing series of a hauntological excavation through expanded photographic means. found 35mm slides, Y2K cameras, infrared imagery, recovered screenshots, lost museum archives, #darktok, AI generation, queer cosmic pessimism, 3D modelling, photo-montage, anomalistic visual tests and non-human text prompts.

para is a networked schema trapped in pixelated psi otherness. a virtual collection of layers, digital dust, screenshot nadir and sepulture signifiers. a decisive esoteric assemblage post exposure, grain or resolution. it inhales flotsum image and fallen, decayed, coded crumbs in desktop bins. a vacuum of virus drenced JPEGs, dead pixels and memorial artifacts. These are tombs of ESP cracked screens. it buries, renders, reforms and scans in secret chroma. Exporting raw zombie photographic frames into pseudo pictorial formats. forever trapped in browser rectangles. these are posters for unknown rooms in backlit lost illuminated frames.



© 2024

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