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para- is used to mean "beyond, past, by'': paradox or "side by side.'' this series is a hauntological 'capturing' through & by expanded photographic means; found 35mm slides, out of date film, infrared imagery, poor image, screenshots, lost museum archives, #darktok, AI generation, queer cosmic pessimism, 3D modelling, photomontage, anomalistic visual tests and non-human text prompts.

para is a networked schema trapped in pixelated otherness. a selfish virtual fingerprint of layered, captured digital dust, found never to be repeated. it is a decisive moment that needs no exposure, white balance, lightroom or resolution. para inhales flotsum behind image; gathering fallen, dead pixels, the coded crumbs from desktop bins and frozen debris. a vacuum of virus dripping JPEGs, memorial artifacts in PSI cracked screens…all that is control alt deleted and never formed into a 'Poor Image'. para continues, reforms and reuses  raw ghosted systems of photography and slides into pseudo pictorial formats, browser rectangles and backlit illuminations of imaged voids. no paradox. in. site.



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