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(iphone, infrared camera, nightvision 9mins)

GPT3 is an ongoing work that was filmed at local teenage hangouts at Linn Park Cemetery in Glasgow over the past years lockdowns; intermixed with footage of tech destruction, Hellraiser quotes, early video synthesizer tests, found Satanic Panic VHS tapes and broken Y2K cameras.


The first part, GRAVEN IMAGE, encompasses questions that were posed to the Open AI (or neural-network-powered language model gpt3) on what its ‘intuitions’ are about human consciousness. The resulting disembodied voice recounts the ‘answers’ it gave, over image remnants of the Cemetery’s shifting and trashed debris. Cruising Dystopia.

The concluding part, WE CAME, offers up for sacrifice an artifice of pixelated queer doom; here a sickly voice unfolds a childhood campfire tale of night visitations. A story that was found, archived and then anonymously deleted on Reddit in 2020.


GPT-3 is a fragmented digital mud screen, an abyssal diary of artificial laments to past bookmarked regions, haunted esoteric tech cruising futures and a queer cosmic pessimism.

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