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A durational vocal performance accompanying a glitching drone soundtrack; lyrics formed from fragments of speculative futures,  cruising dystopias, a Roxy Music song ‘Out of The Blue’ and a Giacomo Leopardi poem ‘Dialogo Della Moda E della Morte’ (a Dialogue between Fashion and Death). A poem that mythologises the relationship between narcissism, morality and the deathly aesthetics of pursuing empty fashion.


EVP is added here as an extension of Hauntology - with its ghostly connotations of electric voice phenomena, now seeping through the wires of the microphone, speakers and sound. Moving slowly, meditatively I wear a uniform of shadows, Calvin Klein make up on  hands and feet and Calvin Klein sunglasses. One single projection of a 35mm slide is offered as a flat spaceless spotlight.

Press the eject and give me the tape
17 February 2018, 2 – 8pm

Cooper Gallery Dundee


Beyond Cataclysm (curated by Marcus Jack)
Projections at Tyneside Cinema,

Newcastle upon Tyne

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