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STATUE (2014)

11 mins, HD video, live performance, LED lightbox (self portrait), engraved black mirror (in the Enochian Language).


The moving image piece is set within the University of Edinburgh’s decadent Playfair Library, crossing  queer science fiction, tableau vivants,  dystopian pop music videos, 'haunted' architecture and cabaret-esque performance. The song, a decades old post-punk tune, is re-imagined, slowed, collaged in synths and played out by a lone chanteuse figure to no one... they alone, draped in crystal and trapped in a laser spotlight; scan the cornices (and knowledge) of the Library over the blind eyes of the University's marble male gaze. 


Commissioned by the Edinburgh Arts Festival with support by Talbot Rice Gallery,

Part of 'Counterpoint' exhibition for Generation 25, 2014.

Based on Original Song: NH Gammer

Additional Lyrics: Michelle Hannah

Sound: C Mulholland

Laser Technician: Nigel Marrett

Make up: Swarovski Crystals

Dress: Gareth Pugh

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