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(adapted mini DV Camera, spotlight, blind contacts, black dress, black paint, black nails, 9mins)

Filmed at the Citizens Theatre Glasgow, exterior shots at Timespan Helmsdale, Scotland.

In response to the theme of Alex Hetherington’s Modern Edinburgh Film School: ‘The Hand That Holds the Desert Down,’-

an image by Trisha Donnelly of the Sphinx. BLACKCAT is a filmed performance to camera of a stark doom version of the song 'Cat People'. Drawn to this esoteric animal as a visual presentation of vocal and cosmic noise as form; the video was filmed solely by myself in theatrical fetish blind contacts - this 'singer’ no longer discerns the limits of the black out rehearsal room, spotlights or camera. With the aid of a vocal processor pedal and a drone soundtrack of radiowaves converted from a point offset the planet Saturn, to try to capture a queer cosmic pessimism lost in a nocturnal quantum space.


The expanded version includes various disused urban locations filmed at night in Glasgows city centre with footage shot during a residency at the CCA theatre from 2012-2014.

part of Modern Edinburgh Film School. 'Green Screen' at Embassy Gallery 15-21 March 2013
and ‘EXTA’ at the  Art Licks Weekend at Res Gallery London 26th Sept - 4th Oct 2015, with live performance on 25th,

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