Performance 17mins

(calvin klein black sunglasses, black dress, black trainers, black paint, 35mm 'gobo' slide)



Part of the closing event 'Press the eject tape and give me the tape' this performance is formed from a sung vocal performance over a composed synth drone soundtrack; based on a lyrical collaged appropriation of the Roxy Music song ‘Out of The Blue’ and a Giacomo Leopardi text ‘Dialogo Della Moda E della Morte’ (a Dialogue between Fashion and Death). A text that timely reveals the relationship between consumerism, morality and the deathly aesthetics of the pursuit of the ‘individual as brand’. EVP is added here as an extension of the Hauntology of the self- with its ghostly connotations of electric voice phenomena seeped through technology.


Presenting a genderless presence, standing meditatively wearing blue Calvin Klein make up on  hands and feet; the performance is enacting a ritual descent into the ‘dark matter of pop’ with the projection of a singular striped Gobo spotlight placed as a 35mm slide.


_EVP is an extension of the video piece OUTOFTHEBLU_ shown in Week 1 of >>FFWD




Thanks to the staff at the Cooper Gallery and Alex Hetherington



Photo: Ross Fraser McClean

Here Was Elsewhere: >>FFWD at The Cooper Gallery Dundee