Plastic Palace People.




STATUE is set within the University of Edinburgh’s Playfair Library, crossing genres of science fiction, music, architecture and performance. Based on the book Vermillion Sands by JG Ballard, the song is played out Kubrickian style by a lone androgynous figure,


An "Art and Glam Rock automaton".


This film was presented across 4 HD screens in Talbot Rice Gallery with a performance, a black engraved mirror (lyrics of the song etched in the Enochian language) and a self portrait of a hand covered in clown makeup captured in a LED lightbox.



Sound & Arrangements: Craig Mulholland

Based on Original Song: NH Gammer

Additional Lyrics: Michelle Hannah

Camera: Ingrida Danieliute

Laser Technician: Nigel Marrett


Produced at Operant Studios


With thanks to Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh Arts Festival, Tommy Stuart and Nigel Marrett.




(quoted text: Alex Hetherington for Aesthetica)


( private video)  

Performance at Talbot Rice Gallery for The Edinburgh Arts  Festival 2014