Michelle Hannah is a Glasgow born and based artist.

Works sometimes at GSA.

80's child.






There is a strong sense of a post digital hauntology within my approach.

Namely in the roles which expanded photography, video, sound and performance can be used as an outlet, to try to understand  - in my own insignificant finite way -  a queer cosmic pessimism of the anthropocene; fused with my continuning research and new collaborative interests with like minded peers into what is and can be the 'dark matter of pop' for an

inclusive futurity to aim for.






Exhibitions and performances include:


Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, NGCA Sunderland, HOME Manchester, CGP London, ZKU Berlin, CCA Glasgow, DCA Dundee, Tramway Glasgow, Summerhall Edinburgh, Minsheung Art Museum Shanghai, Cooper Gallery Dundee, Baltic Newcastle, The Royal Standard Liverpool, Res. Gallery London, QPRC Glasgow, ESW Edinburgh, Vetlanda Museum Sweden, TULCA Festival Galway and the Dresden Film Festival.