Video and Performance atTalbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh for THERE IS NO REWIND event,

as part of the Naim June Paik exhibition.


(Nightvison Camera, HD Video, Vocal Pedal, Black Paint, Sterling Silver Dust, Black Dress,

Blind/ Black Contacts, Red Spotlight)


The video introduction to HERLAND is filmed in complete darkness with a HD nightvision cctv camera while wearing blind contacts. Recorded in one take to a original vocal performance. It acts as an introduction to the character 'The Singer'.


A red spolight appears in front of the screen...the image fades to black. The drone soundtrack resonates and 'The Singer' moves from a silhouette into the red glare of the spotlight and sings. The red fades.


'The Singer' walks into darkness.




Video and Sound: Michelle Hannah


With thanks to Stuart Fallon, James Clegg and Tommy Stuart