NITEFLIGHTS are one off events encompassing sound, video and expanded performance taking theme from the fractured concept of Scott Walker's song Niteflights.


I curate work that deals with fashion, identity, sexuality, disparency in the moving image with just a hint of cosmic pessimism. I use this as a platform for experimentation in my own work through collaboration and dialogue with like minded peers.


The nights held in Glasgow and the west, have featured work by local and international artists:


Craig Mullholland, Martin Boyce, Benedict Drew, Torsten Lauschmann, Rachel Maclean, Darren Banks, Andrew Houston, Ingrida Danieliute, Modern Edinburgh Film School, Ubre Blanca, Calvin Laing & Stephanie Mann, Erica Eyres, Gregor Wright, Hausfrau, Tom Ellard, Rebecca Lennon, AL + AL, Ela Orleans, Chris Carter, Mel Brimfield, Clara Ursitti, Sara Tripp, and more..


The night will continue under various guises in the venue of ROST and other site specific installations.