CU is performance originally commissioned by The Hidden Door Festival Edinburgh. The video and soundtrack screened was reinterpreted for The Royal Standard in Liverpool for their 10 year anniversary exhibition. Originally a durational work, formed from the concept of CU -the chemical symbol of copper and abbreviated film term for ‘close up’. CU is a new interpretation and arrangement of Brian Eno's 'No One Receiving' and Sunn 0))) 'It Took The Night To Believe' lyrics via digital vocal processing, dronology and real copper leaf.


Tapping into the pop music video format while referencing Katharina Sieverding's alchemic portraiture, the performance captured is exhumed and weaved through the 'dark matter of pop' while the copper mask traces the contours of Hannahs face with a symbolic sense of channeling an electric (or indeed burnt) uncanny presence from this antique alien.



Costume: UY Berlin

Make Up: Mehron w/ real Copper Leaf

Camera: Ingrida Danieliute

Sound: MH

Engineered: Craig Mulholland @ Operant Studios Glasgow




Thanks to Alix Rothie, David Martin, Ellie Barrett and The Royal Standard



'CU  Video Still.

HD Video. 2016 (image: ID)


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.49.37 CU_poster