INTERMEDIA // CCA 13-27th Nov 2015 //





The Dark Matter of Pop


“Catastrophe is the past coming apart. Anastrophe is the future coming together.”

•Nick Land and Sadie Plant



A solar rattle whispers among the stars, gathering the dust of decayed transmissions.


BLU_ANGL enacts a katabasis, a ritual descent into the depths and plot-holes of pop. Returning with an occult poetry of the commonplace that conspires against us, this dark materialism exhumes a catastrophe enmeshed in the sensible.


A vast, cosmic sigh that sings a dredgecore tragedy writ in the lingua franca of pop.


BLU_ANGL is an erotic catastrophism fabricated by the union of two sisters, the daughters of Caducity: Fashion and Death. While Fashion champions her ability to distort and mutate the human form with novel prostheses, Death makes the appeal for her sister’s talents to be used in aid of ensuring the effective and expeditious fact of dying as the one permanent and universal condition of life. Fashion is thus employed as a harbour of organic dissolution; an anabolic death-drive wherein everything is already dead. A malignant romance that blackens the heavens, abandons the horizon.


BLU_ANGL. A strange attractor accreting the debris of the past in a holding pattern of pessimism. A speculative pessimism that extinguishes the innocence of the past, and re-articulates the future with the negative hue of pop’s alienated structural hostility.


Fashion re-thinks us. Pop abducts us. Death delivers us.




-Dane Sutherland 2015




'OUTOFTHEBLU_'  Durational Performance. 2015 (image: Zyna Hel)


Calvin Klein Eternity Bottle, Slide Projector with Blue 35mm Slide, SM58 Microphone on Perspex, Marble Bowl with Blue CK Eye Makeup on Perspex, White Diffuser with CKBe Perfume, Customised White Trousers, White Top, White Frosted Contact Lenses. Appropriated text from Giacomo Leopardi's Dialogue between Fashion & Death 1824, Arrangement/Lyrics: B. Ferry & P. Manzanera 1974.

Sound by Michelle Hannah. Engineered at Operant Studios.

excerptof 'OUTOFTHEBLU_'  video 2016




performance at HOME Manchester 2016

Photo: Lee Baxter