Placed as an expansion of the ‘dystopian singer’ in a trailer like concept.




all filming, sound and animation

by Michelle Hannah.




(Adapted Mini DV HD Camera, Spotlight, Blind Contacts, Black Dress, Black Paint, Black Nails, 9mins)


part of Modern Edinburgh Film School.

'Green Screen' at Embassy Gallery 15-21 March 2013

Filmed in one take at the Citizens Theatre/Helmsdale


BLACKCAT is a filmed performance of an appropriated and fragmented version of David Bowie’s Cat People. The starting point: the theme of Alex Hetherington’s Modern Edinburgh Film School: ‘The Hand That Holds the Desert Down,’ an image by Trisha Donnelly of the Sphinx. I use its esoteric femininity to create BLACKCAT as a visual presentation of vocal and cosmic noise as form, presented as a dispersed engagement between myself as ‘blind ‘ performer and you as a viewer. Filmed solely by myself, I in fetish theatrical white blind contacts to erase my sight. Blinded and struck for a moment, this ‘illuminated singer’ no longer discerns the limits of the room. I become at once trapped in darkness and light.


With use of a vocal processor pedal and a Dronology soundtrack of radiowaves converted from a point offset the planet Saturn. I use this intense link of the ‘interior and exterior’ to re-investigate the words of Cat People as metaphor for the Sphinx.


filmed, edited and performed

by Michelle Hannah







part II