Taking contemporary music as a starting point, chosen lyrics are slowed down and repeated to re-investigate specific words and create new meanings to existing songs. These have been performed in various dark interior spaces (from gay clubs, warehouses, disused office blocks, empty bars, berlin cellars to make shift galleries in apartments) creating an intensity for the viewer with the set up used.  Wearing blind or blackout conact lenses, the narcisstic nature of performance is turned in on itself to explore the performers ‘inner experience’  within the audiences gaze.  With use of vocal distortion to give an air of otherness and electronic channelling, the songs chosen, collaged and re interpreted are tokens of masculine sibylline posturing.


Formally dressed in a 'uniform of shadows' in customized black clothes, black or white blind contact lenses,  black or white theatre makeup mixed with ashes that are then painted onto hands, feet and hair.


The Royal Standard Liverpool

Central St Martins London

Nomi's Kitchen Glasgow

Three Points of Contact at GSA Mackintosh Gallery

ZKU Berlin

Basic Mountain Edinburgh (supporting UMBERTO)

Res. Gallery Deptford London